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Random from Mark Of Darkness Fan Arts - NOT BY ME


Group dedicated to this saga, join if you like it or to submit your FanArt: :iconmark-of-darkness:

Here you can see the Collection of Mark of Darkness FanArts!



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Favourite style of art: Manga and realistic
Favourite cartoon character: Dunno, i don't think i have one :3

Interested in:
Almost Everything, i love the world, eager to learn more! Going to the Gym, Hanging out with friends, Reading (basically only Essays), Painting/Sculpting Miniatures, Drawing/Animating, Supporting people, Programming Videogames, Writing, Game Design, etc..


Another Face Digital Painting by Dex91
Another Face Digital Painting
Just a quick painting (half an hour or less probably, no references) i did to test a few things, and apparently the results this time got even more realistic than usual, so i guess i somehow improved again since my last painting of the banner *-*

If it weren't for the fact that the structure of the face isn't that good because it was rushed in and directly painted with no preliminary sketch, i'm sure it would have satisfied me much more than it currently does.

So yeah, there are a couple of things i don't like and i wouldn't call this a finished work, but i love how realistic it looks :)

Keep working, it doesn't matter how much practice or time you spend in doing something, all that matters is the passion and the level of intensity you work at!
Repeating something and practicing on a daily basis is useless if you do it like a robot would - mechanically repeating stuff hoping to improve;
every second of practice has to be as intense as a burst of explosive creative power released from your endless passion burning inside!
Short but intense enough to be called a Big Bang, a fraction of a second that has the power to give birth to an entire Universe!
Practice is overestimated and willpower underestimated :)

Facebook Page:…
Read Mark of Darkness on Tapastic:…
Youtube Channel where i will soon upload the Motion Comic of the new Mark of Darkness, tutorials and various stuff:…
Mark of Darkness Banner Digital Painting by Dex91
Mark of Darkness Banner Digital Painting
Haven't been drawing for definitely a long time (studying a friggin' load of topics not related to art), so i just wanted to sketch out something, but instead ended up getting a new banner for Mark of Darkness.
Oh, well, certainly not going to complain. xD

I will also upload a bigger version of this work, which also shows more parts of the original painting.

I guess i somehow improved even though i haven't been drawing that much since October :D
It's the proof that passion, intensity and willpower trump hours upon hours of not-as-intense- practice.

Practice isn't everything, passion is.


Facebook Page:…
Read Mark of Darkness on Tapastic:…
Youtube Channel where i will soon upload the Motion Comic of the new Mark of Darkness, tutorials and various stuff:…
New ID (sorry, been busy flyin' around) by Dex91
New ID (sorry, been busy flyin' around)
Been some time since i updated my ID, so i found some time to take a selfie before flying away to save the day and the world once again (as you can tell by my face it's tiring stuff)

(Yep, still studying my ass off, but have faith because mark of darkness is coming! it's not easy developing a comic while saving the world, y'know, i'm superman not santa claus, i cannot warp space and time (santa claus would probably beat any of us superheroes to death(and today i seem to be loving parentheses(oh, you don't say!))))
Mark of Darkness: It's coming. by Dex91
Mark of Darkness: It's coming.

Just a quick teaser, this cave has something to do with the first chapter, but i just wanted to give you an updated example of what mark of darkness will look like.

I promise you will be blown away.

Mark of Darkness keeps evolving and getting better and better every single minute that goes by, and i am sure it will be a masterpiece.

How do i know? 
Not because i'm some overconfident idiot who demands to get a masterpiece with no efforts,

but because i'm giving this all i have and all i can give, and i know that i've grown by leaps and bounds since september, and fixed most of the areas in which i lacked knowledge, studying a thousand of topics about anything and everything, because mark of darkness is a huge project and this is what's required in order to succeed.

It has become a very ambitious project (we are talking about creating a whole detailed world here), and i don't care how many studies and how much work is needed to get where i want and to make it become a masterpiece - this is what i love and what i want to do, 

I will do it.

Next time i will show you a complete work to show you my current level of progress! This is just a quick teaser to begin showing you i keep working, even though i'm quiet :)
There's waaaaay more than this, unfortunately i won't be able to show you all the things i worked on until Chapter 0 is complete. 
Hello there guys!
I think it's about time i made a journal to update you about what's going on and what the future of this group might be.


As many of you probably already know, I'm currently working 101% on my personal project, a comic i have high hopes for, and in which i'm investing everything i have.
It's an incredibly ambitious project, which requires me to keep studying and improving as quick as i can, and it's not just about improving art ... i really wish it was "just" about that (which is actually enough to keep one busy for his entire life, considering the amount of knowledge and practice there is to acquire when talking about art xD)

I'm talking about creating a whole detailed world here.
From its geology to its history to an effective plot for the main characters and so on.
And to be able to manage such a big project, you have to possess knowledge on pretty much any topic, which is why i still wasn't able to resume working on my comic.
But i'm very very close to the end of all these studies, that encompassed quite a big number of topics, but certainly nothing worthy of any degrees, since it's nothing too accurate or in depth.
So i spent and still am spending all my free time studying these topics, to be able to say "i know what i'm doing, i'm not placing rivers and mountains just where they look pretty, i'm not making up things and am actually researching anything i'm going to deal with, from geography to biomes to societies to medieval stuff to combat to forging weapons to asisaidanythingi'mgoingtodealwith".

So yes, this is definitely time consuming.
Why did i choose to do all this alone?
Because everyone who follows me knows i love knowledge in general, and i pretty much love learning anything and everything i can.
With this project, i was able to kill two birds with one stone: to keep learning and creating at the same time, both of which i could never stop doing.
So i made a project out of what i want from life and what i love doing - which why it's veeery important for me to succeed and to take my time to make what i know can be a masterpiece, if i don't screw up anything and if i keep working with the passion i feel when i work on this project.

I'm a 23 years old italian guy and i chose not to take the traditional route of going through a university and then finding a job.
I think the internet showed us that stuff is old, especially the idea that you have to do what others want you to do in order to get a job and be able to buy some food - you know, the bare necessities to survive and be able to actually have a body you can move to create art, to begin with. xD

Not to mention that i think focusing on a single topic or bunch of topics is quite limiting, and i strongly believe it means missing a huge part of what life is: everything.
But that's, of course, my personal belief;
i have no intention to force it on anyone who doesn't feel the same passion and wonder towards anything this chaotic bunch of apparently nonsensical things we call life - which we all seek to "explain" and rationalize - can offer.
But, for the ones reading this and who do feel this passion and wonder - i'm sure you can relate.


What does all this personal blabbering have to do with this group?
Well, i think it's clear - i'm basically apologizing for having disappeared and for the fact that i'm working on my personal goals instead of focusing on you guys and for having apparently stopped promoting/supporting you - something that i can understand can seem quite selfish, and i agree, especially after all the talk i did about artists not sharing anything and not caring about other artists, which is the very reason i founded this group.

I'm 101% positive i will be able to resume supporting and promoting better than ever, once i'm done with my studies, because i'll have a better understanding about what i'm doing - and how i can help anyone.

I'm working on such a huge project because i know what i want to convey through it, and i also hope the very fact that someone was able to manage such a huge project will be an inspiration for you to keep working and never give up, because the only limit we have as human beings is our passion and our sheer willpower - the willingness to break our limits, which has propelled humanity throughout all its history up to where we are now.

More than anywhere else, this holds true when talking about creativity.

Art and creativity are about what you have inside, about your very essence, so make sure you have a beautiful inside, and beautiful art will come as a consequence.

But, at the moment, i'm just a poor fool talking about the power of passion and writing cheesy blabber, and i don't have much proof, and i also ironically stopped sharing my progress at some point because i realized that by doing this i could focus much more on working instead of talking about it, putting my money where my mouth is.

It's like a skinny guy trying to motivate you and inspire you to become a bodybuilder even though you are skinny as well and you don't believe you can change what you have - it's not going to work that much, i guess. xD

So, by making my dreams come true, i hope to inspire anyone who is following me to challenge their demons and to challenge their own limits, because the only limits you have are the limits you believe you have. You will never find out whether or not you can jump that gap between you and your dreams until you take the leap and actually do it - but if you decide to do it, make sure you believe in what you are doing, that you have faith in yourself. Otherwise, you are not going to put into it all the energy you truly have, and it most likely will result in a failure - which could become the proof you will rationalize to make you feel like you cannot do it.

In that regard, i hope, if i ever manage to make all this blabber become tangible, that my message will be strong enough for you to get inspired and keep challenging yourselves over and over - until you make it.

In order to receive, you have to give, and if i ever were to succeed i would feel like a leech if i didn't use my personal accomplishments as a sort of inspiration bomb.
Something i believe any person who gets some visibility should do, considering the amount of people following them.

Sooooo... yep! All this long winded talk is to get to my point:
Hidden pencils is something i still strongly support, and i will resume working actively to improve and make it grow as soon as i feel i have the right to do so - by showing that mine isn't just talk, but also something very tangible.

If i for one fail in what i'm pursuing, then it means i have no right to inspire anyone, and will gladly find someone who can manage all this better than i have done.

But i won't give up that easily, because i know i'm giving this all i can and i know that it means i can do it!

I will make my comic become a masterpiece and i'll keep sharing my passion to anyone i can - because when you feel too much fire burning inside you, it just can't be contained and you have to share it!

YOU WILL ALL CATCH FIRE, I PROMISE! (never a weirder sentence was used to end a "motivational" speech)

((so i cannot end all this like a pyromaniac crazy mage))

I hope my message correctly came through all this endless long winded speech without any distortion, sorry for having forced you to read so many words. xD
But this is just what i feel about Hidden Pencils and all i feel i had to say.

I also understand you may judge this stuff as a form of self-appraising, but really, all i want is just to show you that everything can be done, especially when we talk about making a living through your art doing what you love, instead of going for jobs that will buy your time with the money you get from them - the only problem is that there's no currency bigger than time, so you would be putting aside your real dreams and what would give you a wonderful and fulfilling life to instead work and get stressed about not being able to enjoy your life, living also thinking about "what if".
You will end up merely surviving - not living, and there's a huge difference.
Take the leap, never look back and have faith in yourself, believe in what your willpower and passion can accomplish!

We live in a time where internet made it possible for us to achieve what we want and show the world who we are and what we are worth,
i say,

let us charge together to show what artists can accomplish and how wonderful our soul is,
i say,

CHAAAAAARGE!! (this seems a more epic and appropriate way to end this wall of text)
News about Hidden Pencils - don't worry
It was about time i addressed this very important project i started some time ago and which i have not forgotten, Hidden Pencils :iconhidden-pencils:, sorry for the delay, hope my message came to you as intended! :glomp:

Finally some more Hands References, hope you find them useful! 

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Also, Feel free to donate if you want and appreciate my art, your support is more than welcome!
These points will be very useful for various things: to spread around some love, to help promoting the work i'm doing for Hidden Pencils/make the group go SUPER and to organize some Contests/Giveaways (the faster i reach a nice amount of points, the sooner they will start xD) :heart:
Even 1 point is enough.. nothing for you, but a BIG help for me: if every watcher or visitor would donate just 1 point.. you get the picture of why even 1 is more than enough xD

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